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Marc Barrie Realism and Abstract Paintings

Recent Paintings
Shown below are a few of my available paintings. NEW to the Originals section are my latest ABSTRACT WORKS for those preferring a non-representational artwork versus my more realistic works! They contain many of the intrinsic colours and dynamic elements that I put into my realistic works, but in a freer flowing and simpler final image. They are vibrant, dynamic expressions of colour and emotion often showing the mood I was in at the time. They are created using the fundamental things I learned as a watercolour painter early in my career and now my vast experience as an acrylic painter. My abstract works also offer a more economical way of owning a real Marc Barrie original painting versus a reproduction.

Many of my Abstract works can be displayed however you chose (ie: portrait, landscape or even upside-down) since they offer a unique new view when changed! They are signed on the back of the canvas versus the front so the owner can orient the work as they prefer from time to time.


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"The Old Maple"


Grape Expectations
The Old Hunter


The Sun-bather
Great Horned Owl Portrait
Northbound - Canada Goose
Summer Meadow - Painted Lady Butterfly
Together (Canada Geese)
One for the Pie
Approaching Storm - Bald Eagle
Northumberland Gold - Mallards
Lady Ruby
Gibb Road (Hamilton Township)
Drifting Light
Sienna Gold - Tree Sparrow
Windchill - Downy woodpecker
On the Rocks - Bobcat
Wonderland - Cardinal
Summer Lake - Loon
Golden Autumn
Four Macs
Thunder in the Sky (RCAF Harvard)
Forest Stroll


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Amber Earth
Blue Icicles
Grape Expectations
Blue Symphony #1
Deep Sea Fishing
Underlying Tension
Blushing Red
Raspberry Juice
Red and Grey Bouquet
Tangerine Slice
Moving Day


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